Updated VAERS COVID Vaccine Data.

Here is the latest data, updated through June 11, 2021, on adverse reactions from Covid-19 experimental gene therapy injections, commonly but inaccurately called "vaccines" by Big Pharma and their propagandists in the news media. 

Deaths: 5,993. Hospitalizations: 20,737. Urgent Care: 47,837. Doctor's Office Visits: 65,623. Anaphylaxis: 1,538. Bell's Palsy: 1,868. Life Threatening Events: 6,157. Heart Attacks: 2,323. Myocarditis and/or Pericarditis: 1,342. Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet: 1,671. Miscarriages: 692. Severe Allergic Reactions: 16,275. Disabled: 4,874. 

Keep in mind that VAERS data represents less than 10% of actual reactions. Most are not reported to the system.

This information is provided by the OpenVAERS project using data from the CDC.

You Have The Right To Hate.

On June 8 2021 the Marxist Fascist leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau, stated "There isn't freedom to hate. Hatred, hate speech is not allowed in Canada." Trudeau, being the towel boy for the new world order, is a convenient target in the battle for free speech, but he's hardly the only authoritarian tyrant trying to control what free people are allowed to think and say. We've heard similar statements from Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Xi Jinping, and too many other self-important psychopaths. These mentally defective control freaks think they can tell us what emotions we're allowed to have, and where we're allowed to express them. 

Hate isn't the only emotion they try to control. The Covid lockdowns have shown they also want to control happiness and joy. Obsolete drug and sex laws show they want to control pleasure and lust. Actually, if you could get them to be honest for a moment, they might admit they want to control all of our emotions, if not life itself. 

The key word here is "control". For psychopaths, control is the most important thing. It's not a matter of morality. It's not a matter of what's best for society. All that matters to them is being in charge and controlling you and your behavior. They want to own you. And they'll use the force of the government to make it happen.

But they'll lie and tell you they do it for the good of society.

Never believe a psychopath. Not even a psychopath with an impressive government title.

But believe this: you have the right to hate. And you have the right to talk about it. No politician has the right to silence you.

Sure, it would be better if we all loved each other and sang to one another around a campfire. But that's not the real world. We have different opinions, different histories, different perspectives. This causes friction and misunderstandings. And face it: some people are simply disgusting, difficult, immoral, unpleasant, and worthy of being hated. Why should the government force you to like such people? Obviously, it shouldn't.

But spineless political opportunists like Trudeau score popularity points by scolding you for not being completely tolerant of even the most intolerant people.

You have the right to hate. It's a basic human emotion. Emotions, both good and bad, are part of what make us human. Any attempts by the "authorities" to control emotions seem suspiciously related to the transhumanist movement, which wants to destroy our souls and turn us into obedient semi-human slaves to the ruling elite.

So think what you want. Feel what you want. Express your emotions.

Don't let the Trudeau's of the world silence you. Humanity finds itself when it can express itself. And we have a lot to say.

Max Igan Reports: Humanity Is Facing A Clear And Present Danger.

Max Igan tells how the ruling elite and their puppet governments are waging war against humanity.

Ongoing Covid tyranny, deadly fake vaccines, out of control woke mentality, mass starvation, disruptions to the power grid and internet...they're all part of the horrific plan to completely subdue and control us. But we can change the outcome.

They're Coming For Your Children.

Health authorities are now targeting children. Kids who are too young to enter a legal contract, too young to buy alcohol or tobacco, too young to own a firearm or join the armed forces, and too young to vote, are now suddenly old enough to be injected with an experimental gene therapy cocktail without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Worse, they're being lured with free ice cream and promises of being able to play with friends once again if they just "get the shot". The same tactics are used by predatory pedophiles. In Canada, the police have been deployed to keep parents away while children are propagandized and given the potentially deadly jabs. There is no informed consent that 12 year old's can truly comprehend. The risks aren't mentioned. Nor is the fact that people under 21 almost never die from Covid. The vax is statistically more dangerous than the virus, but kids aren't told that.

What kind of monsters are running this freak show?

If you're a parent, you better find out.

Proof The Ruling Elite Commit Atrocities Against You To Control All Wealth.

The ruling elite control us and the world's wealth, and these psychopathic trillionaires work hard to keep it that way. WW1, WW2, the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam war, the Bush political dynasty, Skull & Bones, the Royal Family, Adolf Hitler, Henry Ford, the Rothchild's, the CIA, the news media, and even the Mafia are all linked in this explosive documentary that shows how our world is ruled by money, crime, and corruption. The governments of the world, including the United States, have been taken over by money hungry criminals who create fear and start wars just so they can stay in control and steal our hard-earned money. And now, they're tricking us with a fake pandemic. It's all shocking and evil, but this film connects the dots and explains it all. It's a 3 1/2 hour video but trust me, it goes by fast. Please watch it and share it with your friends and family.